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Rick Fournier (
Date:Mon 10 Aug 2009 03:59:05 PM EDT
Subject:Just checking out your work!

Just checking in here from beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. For those that have been here, you know I'm joking. My wife and I have moved 14 times in 29 years of marriage and our least favorite place is where we're currently stuck.

I love your website and your work!! Awesome stuff. I'm sure there are a few good stories behind a few of the drawings.

I also read you recently became a Christian!! Awesome. I did on 12/31/1979. I've been defending the faith ever since. Lord willing, I will have many more years to do so.

Keep up the great work. Painters paint.



Face Down (
Date:Wed 08 Apr 2009 12:09:07 PM EDT
Subject:Hi Esly,This Mel from myspace;)

I just wanted to say your work is awesome;)..Hope all is well,God blessed,Mel


triana (
Date:Fri 13 Feb 2009 11:45:59 PM EST

hey i i wanted to say that u can really draw. I wish that i can draw as good as u but i'll try to practice. Yeah but all i wanted to say that i LOVE how u draw i think ur so talented... i wish that one day u will try to draw..ME... lol but yeah any way.. bye n love ur wok...


Ter-Bear (
Date:Tue 20 Jan 2009 03:44:47 PM EST
Subject:Art :O)

LOL..I just read about myself on your ms blog today, Dont know how in the WORLD I missed that yesterday! I totally forgot you using Painter. Im just go'in CRAZY over your DIGITAL art work've been workin like crazy, and it shows Esly Esly Esly!
Right before christmas we got new computers and all hard drives were moved around and everything was coo-coooo but actually amazingly I was able to re - ajust quicker than usual, the Lord was my helper!!!
After I finnally found my 3D fix (collada file) in an upgrade (GLORY TO GOD) to import export all our 3d objects i was BEYOND in heaven and took a major break..i was soo frazzled from trying to find a solution - I hoped it would be in the C4D upgrade....
And it was!! I cried for sheer JOY!!
Took down all sites to focus and pray - I get sooooo flesh is weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! Through the holidays I rested stayed off PC and shopped! It was so fun. ****I was sweet and loving to hubs too****
We spent major time in prayer and studying the word to seek out.. new LIFE Abundantly in this crazy world.

God helped me to find the coolest thing I so desperatly needed. My friend who goes to church where I grew up told me about.. MARS HILL church. I heard some good things about it. But ya know, ya have to be very careful these day!!

Well I found "Adam Sinnet" and some other awesome teachers at this church campas community, (on LINE) i read and did research on what there up to...My friend long time friend in the Lord sharred with my all about them - the good the bad and the the ugly ( kiddn )..Any way, im really amazed. I dont know if you can get on there site..with your***'SLOW INTERNET' (its very FLASHY,
but o listen to there teachings.. some of them are video taped and others are just recordings.
They have quikly branched out new churches all over the place and I'm still prayfully learning and digin deep to know more about them , but so far im Impressed. Here are two links for you and hubs to check out...
the Acts churches are somehow a Part of MARS HILL. Mark Driscoll and his wife started this church about 12 or so years back. Ive been reding his online book and listening to his ...Eight wittnesses for 1st and 2nd Peter far I just started and the recoding goes on the web wednsdays. I like this series.

heres a link with some of the different teachers teaching on Jonah. I LOVE 'Adam Sinnet' _ he is filled with the spirit!
I know you'll enjoy these!

And this is the Acts 2d network..if ya get a chance look at the map of how many of these churches branched out everywhere..its really Amazing.

I found one of the churches on the Acts site..closest to me..2 hours away, I've been listening to his messages and I just LOVE them, these are really good and encouraging..heres the Link.

Ok, there ya go, for the Animated Cartoon New Network! I'll be checkin in to see any new MS blogs and keep track of ya!
will keep ya posted on what were up too soon :O) Great and awesome, incredible things ahead for those who Love the Lord and keep his comands!!! Love Your sis..


esly (
Date:Mon 08 Dec 2008 05:56:27 PM EST
Subject:love ur work!!!!

hey Esly its Esly n just wanted to say that i love ur work. GoD blessed u with a really special gift of drawing. I sent u a message but i dont know if u got it but u ask me if i was an artist. I dont know if i call my self an artist but i do enjoy drawing i paint n draw i like drawing people and animals and i also sketch. i am 11 years old and i live in lancaster CA. i dont know why my computer doesnt send messages but i hopethis message gets to u and i hope i get to talk to u again and hopefully soon and it is nice to know some one with the same name.bye... love Esly.


esly (
Date:Sat 01 Nov 2008 01:11:58 PM EDT
Subject:love your work

Just wanted to say that i love your work and that i would one day be as good as you...and i have the samme name as you! =} GOD bless you


esly (
Date:Sat 01 Nov 2008 01:10:49 PM EDT
Subject:love your work

Just wanted to say that i love your work and that i would one day be as good as you...and i have the samme name as you! =}


Ewils (
Date:Thu 23 Oct 2008 12:02:20 AM EDT
Subject:I enjoy...

Hey Esly, just wanted to say I love your skills... keep up the good work.


Gilbert Nichols (
Date:Thu 04 Sep 2008 12:30:27 PM EDT
Subject:Love your work

Esly, I have perused your sites for the past 60-90 minutes today (today to me in North Carolina is Thursday) and I love everything I see. My "little" friend, Ray Comfort sent me the information that you are working with him on some things and think that will be great! I look forward to seeing the work you produce for him. Have a blessed day everyday! Gilbert


Bryan (
Date:Tue 02 Sep 2008 10:40:16 AM EDT
Subject:God rejoices over one soul.

It is great to hear God has saved you. God is good. May He use the talents He has given you to bring Him much glory and you much joy. Bless you in your walk with Him.


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